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Aurore Dassesse !

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Meet our Jury:

Pianist Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden:

Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden was born in Brussels. At he age of 12 he was already accepted at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He studied both at the Conservatory and later at the Queen Elisabeth College of Music, under the leadership of Eduardo Del Pueyo. At the age of 16 he was a finalist at the Queen Elisabeth Competition. His career as a piano soloist was launched and took him to all continents.

He played with several symphony orchestras including the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London, the Residence Orchestra of Den Haag and several Belgian orchestras. More

Musicologist Greet Van't veld: 

Musicologist Greet Van ‘t veld explored her passion for music first at the Antwerp Royal Conservatory, then during musicologist studies at Leuven University and at the Leuven Lemmens Institute. Her intrigue for music and word showed manifestly during her studies, and further blossomed throughout her career as a writer on classical music in many publications.
Greet currently combines her two passions – language and music – programming and concept developing for national classical radio Klara. She participates in the making of cd’s, makes interviews and writes concert- and CD-reviews in Knack.

Cellist Ann Van Hecke:

This Belgian cellist is considered to be a truly valuable concert cellist. Her musical career started early, at 7 years of age, she received her first cello lessons from Simonne De Raedt in the music academy of Geel. Passionated by the warm sound of the cello, she went to the Lemmens Institute where she was coached by Geert De Bièvre. Later, at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, she was taught by Mirel Lancovici and France Springuel.

After the successfully ending these studies, she went to the Musikhochschule of Hannover (Germany) in order to continue with Tilmann Wick. Concurrent with her conservatory studies, she regularly participated at international master classes in the search of her own musical vision.

Today, Ann Van Hecke professionally active as a soloist, orchestral musician and chambriste. More

Interim Manager, Author, Blogger Harley Lovegrove: 

Harley Lovegrove was born in South East London in 1957. His father was an architect and his mother an artist. Harley grew up in a mixed environment of culture and enterprise. He formed his first company at the age of 21 while working as a junior marketing assistant for an industrial company in London.
His career path began with teaching music, and then veered its way through recruitment, marketing, sales and eventually to becoming the owner of a photographic and marketing services business aimed at the UK’s building sector.
Since 2000, Harley has taken up numerous interim management posts working for a variety of businesses from high technology and software to petrochemical, transport, mobile telecommunications, banking and apparel.
Harley is also a regular lecturer on Change Management, Project Management and Complex Problem Solving at various prestigious European business schools, including The Vlerick Business School in Gent, Belgium.

Harley is the Chairman of The Bayard Partnership, 'YBT's principle sponsor and creator of the 'YBT' program. More

Professional Coach Katrin Derboven:

Katrin Derboven has extensive professional experience in high level management positions in both profit and non- profit organizations.

Guiding and increasing the learning capacity of employees has been a continuance in her life. Coaching is therefore a logical consequence. Over 15 years of business experience has been put in her coaching as a certified coach. She also developed herself through various leadership trainings, executive MBA, mindfulness training, body work and has recently earned her master nlp. She starts from the power source presents in each person.
Some words that characterize her as a coach: experiential, creative and thinking out-of-the box, result and action oriented, enthusiastic and powerful.
Katrin gets her inspiration from singing, reading, writing, body work and meditation.

Winner YBT 2010 - 2012, Aveline Gram:

Under the guidance and tutorage of Professor Marijke Oers she has won numerous national and international competitions (Cantabile, EPTA, Grétry, Concours Musical de France,…) and prizes.
At the age of 16 she decided to turn her passion into her future profession.  She left the traditional Belgian school system and was accepted at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels two years earlier than the normal admission age, under the exceptional status of ‘Young Talent’.  She entered the classes of Mr. Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden.

She performed in different countries in Europe (France,Italy,Belgium,Germany,…) and played with orchestras like ‘Nuove Musiche’, ‘Il Novecento’, ‘University Symphonic Orchestra of Leuven’, ‘Youth orchestra of Antwerp’. More

Meet the Candidates:

Jonathan Van de Velde

Jonathan Van de Velde(°1991) started studying the cello at the age of 6. When he was 13 years old, he was admitted to study in the class for ‘Young Talented People’ in the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp in the class of Mr. Ilia Laporev.

He won prizes in several national and international competitions, including 2nd place in the Competition ‘Young Soloists’, 3rd place in the Rotary Competition, 2 times the 1st prize in the Dexia competition, one time as soloist and one time playing chamber music with his brother. He also won the first prize at the International Cello Competition Sint-Pieters-Woluwe, and was semifinalist of the Oldenburg International Music Competition. In 2010, he was one of the 2 cellists worldwide to be selected to perform at the first ‘Cremona Archi X’ festival.

Jonathan Van de Velde has followed master classes with world renowned cellists such as Gavriël Lipkind, Jean-Guihen Queyras, Vladimir Perlin, Steven Isserlis, Hélène Dautry, Jérome Pernoo, Maria Kliegel, etc.

Maarten Lingier

Maarten Lingier, (°1993) from Houthalen was only four years old when he was introduced to his first piano lessons from his mom. Four years later, Maarten continued his piano studies at the urban academy of Music, Word and Dance in Houthalen, where he graduated with a cum laude at the age of 17. Maarten also is fond of playing jazz music.

At the age of 13, he entered the famous Prinses Christina competition in Maastricht. At the provincial finals he won all 3 available prizes in his category and in the national semi-finals he won the audience price.

Maarten was already able to perform at beautiful concert halls due to his success in competitions.
At the Cantabile piano competition for young talents in 2010, he became 2nd.

At the age of 15, he recorded his own CD and another Jazz CD is coming up soon.

Maarten composed plural jazz repertoires and plays together with harmonica virtuoso Steven De Bruyn on a regular base.

In 2011 he performed with his own trio band at Theater Aan Zee and received highly recommended comments.

Since September 2011 he’s following classes at the Conservatory in Amsterdam, with professor Jan Wijn. In 2012 he won the Forte auditions for the province of Limburg.

Jolien Deley

Jolien Deley (°1992, Lokeren) started playing the cello when she was 5 years old. Next to cello, she also started playing the piano and singing for 12 years, but cello still remained her true love. During years of drama classes she gained a lot of confidence and stage presence. Jolien was tutored by Mr. Danny Pauwels from the very beginning until the age of 18. During these years, her passion only grew and professionally studying the cello seemed the only logical and possible career choice, as she is not able to imagine a life without her cello. In 2010, Jolien entered the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, where she is still studying with Prof. Judith Ermert.
She has worked with renowned musicians as conductor Mr. Dirk Brossé, Mr. Filip Rathé, Mr. Patrick Beuckels and followed masterclasses with worlds biggest cellists, like Mr. Mischa Maisky, Mr. Steven Isserlis, Mr. Vladimir Perlin and Mr. Pieter Wispelwey.
Jolien is a fixed member of the Hulencourt Soloist Chamber Orchestra, a newly founded orchestra with young musicians from all over the world. Highlights in her career until now are a first prize in the Dexia Contest, a first prize in the International Cello Competition ‘Edmond Baert’ in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe, a second prize in the Competition ‘Young Soloists’ and of course her place in the finals of Young Belgian Talent.

Matilde Debaene 

Matilde (°1995) started playing the violin at the age of five and went to the Music Academy of Ghent to study with  Mieke Degeyter. 
At the age of fourteen, Erik Sluys became her teacher and coach. 
At sixteen, Matilde was accepted to study at the Royal Conservatory Brussels with Philippe Graffin, who describes her as a wonderfully gifted young violinist.

In November 2011 she gained a first prize for violin with 95% at the Dexia Classics competition. In March 2012 she was awarded the public prize for her interpretation of the Tchaikovskyconcerto in the Concours Rotary Breughel at Flagey in Brussels. 

During the Queen Elisabeth Competition for violin 2012, she took part in 'De zes/les six', a youth panel consisting of Belgian young violin students, elected to comment live on air. 

Matilde had the opportunity to play solo with several orchestras, interpreting works of Saint-Saëns, Mozart and Dvorak. In duo with cello she was awarded in Dexia Classics, Music Live and the European Music Festival for Young People (summa cum laude) in 2009. The latter was broadcasted by EXQI culture.

She attended masterclasses by Alissa Margulis, Yossif Ivanov, Ning Kam, Mikhail Bezverkhni, Igor Tkatchouck, Elisa Kawaguti and Maria Egelhof.  

Last summer she participated at intensive masterclasses by Philippe Graffin at the Pablo Casal Festival in Prades (France) and by Miriam Fried at the Enghien International Musical Encounters. 

Aurore Dassesse

Aurore (°1991) was born in Brussels where she began playing the cello when she was seven years old. She studied with I. Laporev and later on with Justus Grimm at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. She studied for five years with Hélène Dautry and entered in 2009 the CRR of Paris.
Currently, she is studying with Justus Grimm at the Conservatorium of Antwerp.

Aurore has won several national competitions including the "Young Musicians" RTBF competition, Rotary "coup de pouce à un artiste" competition, the Breughel competition and recently won the second prize of the national Lions Club competition.

She has taken part in master classes given by David Cohen, Marie Hallynck, Bruno Pasquier, Xavier Gagnepain, Michel Strauss, the Talich quartet, Jeremy Menuhin, Ivan Monighetti, Vladimir Mendelssohn, Jean-Guihen Queyras, Susan Moses, Adrian Brendel, Vladimir Perlin and Gary Hoffman.

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