Young Belgian Talent was originally founded by the three Managing Partners of The Bayard Partnership, in January 2010. They decided to set up a long term outreach program to identify and support Young Belgian Talent that, without additional external support, would find themselves disadvantaged to reach their ambitions and goals. After four very successful years, in 2015 The Partners decided to convert their initiative into a standalone registered charity. In doing so, YBT has now been opened up to a wider group of businesses and professional experts, to join The Bayard Partnership in supporting and expanding the charities work, events and activities.

A personal note from the founder:

“While working on my first management book, 'Making a Difference' ('Maak het Verschil') back in 2007, I had the idea to draw a comparison between the skills required of a business leader with those of a concert pianist. Whilst coming up with my eight point comparison, my mind was taken back to my teenage years when my only dream was to become a full time, professional musician.  

In the mid 1970’s I attended a local music school while my best friend at the time studied piano at The Royal College of Music in London. And although he came from a fairly comfortable ‘middle-class’ family background, he found it tough financially to cover his study costs especially when he took on additional classes under Fanny Waterman and was obliged to regularly travel from London to Leeds, by train to where she was situated. I remember that my friend had enormous luck in that he managed to find a sponsor to cover for some of his additional costs.  

Later, as an adult and with a business of my own, I realized that young talented students require much more than just money in order to have a fair chance of achieving even modest success of becoming a professional soloist. So it was with this background in mind that I came up with the idea of offering help to exceptionally talented musicians.

I am proud to say that thanks to the fantastic support I have received from my business partners, friends and colleagues, my initial idea has now grown into a long-term, sustainable, sponsorship program. My thanks goes out to each and every one of them. Long may it continue!"

An excerpt from 'Making a Difference' by Harley Lovegrove:

Understanding the skills & characteristics required for any given profession.
A successful concert pianist may be driven to become the best in his or her profession, or inspired by the love of music, or quite possibly motivated by the warm glow they feel when they receive a standing ovation. This brief moment of glory is worth all those thousands of hours of practice.  The most talented musicians may never make it, simply because for them the pain is not worth the gain.  Even minor criticism can be enough to tilt the balance and put them off performing for life.  Consequently, successful concert pianists are a rare breed of people whose natural talent is more than matched by a combination of ego, discipline, drive, motivation, and an arrogance that never allows them to give up or admit defeat. On top of all those characteristics they also have to be good communicators with a great deal of charisma, so as to charm not only their public but their sponsors and entourage too. 

A top class concert pianist needs to have the following attributes:

  1. Massive self-belief
  2. Discipline
  3. Ambition
  4. Outstanding talent
  5. Motivation & drive
  6. Strong communication skills
  7. Charisma
  8. Physical and intellectual stamina

                               If they do not have all eight, their chances of international success are slim.